Black Ice driving tips by Cockayne Law Firm

What To Do If You Hit Black Ice

Black ice can be one of the scariest things you encounter in the wintertime. Sure, lots of snow can be difficult to navigate as well, but it is easy to spot. Black ice is dangerous because it’s next to invisible. The good news is that with a few tips you can protect yourself while you are both driving and walking. Don’t let an auto accident or a slip and fall case keep you from enjoying the winter months. Here’s what to do if you hit black ice.

Black Ice While Driving

In order to drive safe, you need to know when black ice can be an issue. You should be extra cautious in the early mornings or at night when temperatures are lowest. You should be cautious after any rainfall in the wintertime, or when you’ve had snow that melted and then was quickly followed by freezing temperatures. While these are good guidelines, you should always be weary of black ice during freezing weather.  

If you happen to hit black ice, do not overreact. Doing as little as possible is the safest course of action. Do not hit your brakes, and try to keep your steering wheel straight. If anything, you may try to slightly steer into the slide rather than overcorrecting. Remove your foot from the gas and shift to a lower gear if possible. If you can, try to head for an area with traction like textured ice, or a snow-covered area.

If worse comes to worst and you are headed off the road, try to steer into something that will cause minimum damage. If you or other drivers are badly injured, you may want to contact a road accident solicitor to help.

Your injury attorney can help you get back on your feet following an unfortunate encounter with black ice, helping you to eliminate losing more time and money over the accident.

Black Ice While Walking

Many of the same precautions are true for both driving and walking when black ice is present. First, avoid it as much as possible by knowing where to find it — nighttime and early mornings during freezing temperatures, after rainfall or a warm snap followed again by cold temperature, or in areas where the sun is unable to shine.

To keep yourself safe, wear shoes with a good tread to give you traction. Keep your hands free when walking in case you need to catch yourself. If you find the walkway is slippery, don’t be afraid to “penguin-walk” by taking slow, small steps. You can also avoid black ice by choosing a snowy pathway with traction instead.

If you do hit black icel, you may be wondering what to do after a slip and fall accident.  What is the average slip and fall compensation? If you’re a business owner, you may also wonder if someone gets hurt on your property can they sue?

When it comes to slip and fall cases, it is helpful to have a trusted accident attorney you can turn to. They can help you navigate the slip and fall lawsuit process, and put your best interests first. Cockayne Law specializes in both auto accidents and slip and fall cases. If you need an accident attorney, look no further than Cockayne Law.