Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Salt Lake City

Dog or other animal bites can be terrifying, and they happen more often than you think.

Dogs are animals that often feel a need to protect themselves or their owners, mark their territory, or fail to understand their own power. Often you’ll combine that with an owner who doesn’t use discipline, fails to train their dog, doesn’t use a leash, or otherwise allows an injury to occur through neglect. It’s a serious problem and one that can cause you injury and pain.

Getting your insurance company to cover an animal bite is often tricky. You may find in the aftermath of a dog bite that the injury is much more serious, or will cost more money than you originally thought. Can you press charges or require the dog’s owners to compensate you? Should you? How does that all work? It can be a sensitive situation, especially if you know the dog’s owner. That’s where we come in.

Dog Bite Lawyer

At Cockayne Law we have experience with personal injury crimes, especially dog bite cases. We understand the unpredictable and personal nature of a dog bite injury, and we can take care of all the sensitive and complicated details. We can deal with your insurance company, as well as any insurance companies used by the dog’s owner. We can find the evidence you need and press through the paperwork and run around to give you your life back.

After a dog bite or injury, you should only have to focus on healing and return to normal activities. We’re here to help you do that, as well as to navigate the confusing waters of insurance claims.

Our personal injury attorney at Cockayne Law will help you get the insurance payout and requisite compensation you deserve without the headache and time commitment of doing it all yourself. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack, we’re ready to share our expertise with you.

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