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Should You Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Most people in West Jordan, Utah, get the point of hiring a car accident lawyer after suffering severe injuries in a crash caused by someone else. Expenses tend to quickly accumulate in this situation, and legal professionals help accident victims get financial compensation for their losses. So, turning to an attorney makes sense.

But is this necessary with every collision? Should you get a lawyer for a minor car accident that results in just a few bumps and bruises?

In our opinion here at Cockayne Law, no accident victim should forgo the opportunity to meet with an attorney. Personal injury law firms in northern Utah typically offer free consultations, allowing people to get legal advice without any cost or obligation. Plus, even a minor car crash can lead to major financial repercussions. Continue reading to find out more.

Injuries May Not Be Immediately Apparent

Did you know that car accidents that are initially considered minor sometimes involve severe injuries? In fact, it isn’t unusual for someone to come away from a collision thinking everything is fine, then to later learn that they have a concussion, whiplash, soft tissue injuries or some other noteworthy medical issue.

Being in a collision is a traumatic experience, and in stressful situations, the body produces adrenaline and endorphins. This response creates a level of excitement that, for many people, temporarily masks troubling symptoms.

Also, some injuries – like torn ligaments in joints, back pain and head trauma — may initially seem minor, but become problematic as time goes on. Furthermore, mental anguish, emotional distress and psychological damages may not manifest right after a car accident.

Taking all of this into consideration, getting an immediate medical evaluation is a must if you’ve been in a collision — even if you feel fine. A doctor can detect any unnoticed injuries and advise you on warning signs to watch for in the upcoming weeks. And as any West Jordan car accident lawyer would likely agree, if you end up filing a personal injury claim, documentation of medical treatment within a reasonable time frame can be crucial.

Minor Car Accidents Can Cause Major Damage

Another reason to get a lawyer for a minor car accident? Vehicular damage. Even low-speed collisions can lead to majorly expensive repairs, and in some cases, a car is deemed to be a total loss.

If a crash caused by someone else results in your vehicle being totaled, you shouldn’t have to pay the price. With an experienced car accident lawyer in your corner, that’s unlikely to happen – they can help you take legal action and get the compensation you deserve.

What if the harm to your vehicle is minimal? Keep in mind that property damage isn’t all that matters. The stress, strain and inconvenience of a car crash can be significant, and when another motorist is at fault, you shouldn’t have to shoulder those burdens on your own. Getting a reputable car accident lawyer can help you avoid this outcome.

The Value in Consulting with a Car Accident Lawyer

 With their knowledge of Utah law and experience in negotiating personal injury claims, a West Jordan car accident lawyer is generally able to get victims more money than what they could get on their own. According to industry research, those who have legal representation receive up to four times as much in compensation as those who handle their own claims.

 How is this? To be frank, it’s because of the tactics used by insurance adjusters. Their job is to save money for their insurance company, and settling claims for less is how they accomplish this task.

 Adjusters use a range of strategies to avoid paying out the full compensation an accident victim deserves – misrepresenting the available coverage, telling the individual they can’t prove the extent of their damages and arguing that the victim was to blame for the collision, to name a few. Car accident lawyers are immune to these tactics, and they won’t be intimidated. Attorneys obtain more cash for their clients because they won’t give up until the adjuster agrees to a fair settlement.

 Additionally, adjusters are well aware that attorneys who specialize in personal injury law can easily file a lawsuit. Insurance companies, of course, would rather not be sued, as lawsuits can cost a great deal of money. But when an accident victim isn’t represented by a lawyer, adjusters know they need not fear the threat of a lawsuit, as few people without legal expertise have the ability to follow through and win a substantial verdict from a jury. As such, they attempt to settle for far less than what the claim is worth.

 Don’t think of any collision as being a minor car accident. If you’ve been involved in a crash and want to ensure your rights are protected, consulting with an attorney is a smart approach. Chris Cockayne at Cockayne Law is here to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve, whether you’re in West Jordan, Taylorsville, Kearns or the nearby northern Utah area. For a free, no-obligation consultation with a top-rated car accident lawyer, contact our office today.