5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Auto Accident Case

Getting into a auto accident is scary. It can be dangerous, leaving you injured and altered physically so that even the simplest tasks are now impossible. Not only that, but after the initial accident you’ll have to deal with police, lawyers, and paperwork.

That’s right, even after your accident the pain can continue as you have to fill out policed reports, report the accident to your insurance company, try to work on getting the money you insurance company owes you, and if your accident involves another driver you may be struggling with a lawyer to get more money owed to you.

With so many factors going into the success or failure of an auto accident case, it’s important that you handle the situation carefully. In fact, there are five mistakes that can hurt your auto accident case — here’s what they are and how to avoid them.


  1. Not Letting a Professional Help
    One of the most important things you can do for your auto accident case is to let a professional help you by doing what they do best. At Cockayne Law, you’ll get a free consultation so that right off the bat you have a good idea of what you can expect and how successful your case may be. The Cockayne Attorneys proudly fight for injury and accident victims in Utah who can’t fight for themselves. When you’re represented by Cockayne Law you can rest assured that there is someone who will fight for your best interest, making sure you are taken care of, and that your auto case is a fair and honest one. Having a professional, like Cockayne Law, by your side throughout the auto accident process will make everything go much smoother.
  2. Not Getting a Police Report
    Right after your accident, you’ll probably be overwhelmed, confused, and maybe completely unable to function if you’ve been seriously injured. Getting a police report is much easier when you call in the accident and ask for it immediately. It’s more difficult to get one after the fact, and it’s next to impossible to get one if the police weren’t called to the scene at all. The best thing you can do for your auto case is to call the police if someone has been injured or the damage exceeds $1,000, and get a report. That report will come in handy later when you’re working with insurance companies.
  3. Not Seeing a Doctor
    Many serious injuries can go completely unnoticed for days before making their appearance. Sometimes symptoms don’t show up for weeks! If you suspect that you may be injured in any way, it’s important to go see a doctor. If you do have a medical issue, it’s important to be able to prove that it was from the auto accident. The longer you wait and avoid the doctor, the harder that is to do.
  4. Making Statements
    Unless your lawyer is present, don’t give any statements… especially to insurance companies. Unless you’ve worked out a game plan, you may be hurting your opportunity for a bigger payout by giving up too little or too much information Prescribed
  5. Auto Repairs
    If your car needs repairs and your insurance company has a preferred auto repair shop, make sure you use them only if you trust them and their work. Otherwise, be sure to do go the auto repair shop of your choice.