Hire An Accident Attorney After Car Accident In Utah

Do I Need to Hire an Accident Attorney?

You’ve recently been in an auto accident and are now trying to put the pieces back together. If it was serious, that can mean a whole slew of things. You may have been injured which means you are physically trying to heal. The police are likely in contact with questions. You may have had to take time off from your job while work piles up. Then there’s the issue of dealing with insurance, taking care of a damaged vehicle, and many other new hurdles that have recently arisen following the accident.

The word “attorney” or “lawyer” isn’t thrown around lightly. So even though you’ve got a lot to handle right now, hiring an accident attorney may seem unnecessary. But if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help, why not let a professional step in and help you get back on your feet? There are a few simple questions you can ask yourself that will help you determine whether or not you need to hire an accident attorney.

Was it Serious?

If you were involved in a minor fender-bender, chances are you won’t need to hire an accident attorney. But if you were seriously injured and the medical bills are piling up, it’s a good idea to hire an accident attorney. Even cases involving moderate injuries that will mean accrued medical bills in the future will benefit from an accident attorney.

Was it Complicated?

When it comes to some auto accidents, it is very clear who was at fault. But in other instances, it is less cut-and-dry. You may feel the other party is liable but that liability is being disputed, or you feel you are only partially to blame.

In situations where accidents and blame start to get complicated, it’s nice to have someone in your corner who has a clear understanding of the law and has experience with similar situation.

Is your Insurance Difficult?

Dealing with your insurance can be mildly annoying even on a good day, let alone when you’re working through claims after a serious accident. If you are having difficulty getting things worked out with your insurance company following an auto accident, your accident attorney can also fight for you to make sure that the whole process can go a lot smoother and ensure that you’ll understand every step along the way.

Are you busy?

You may have a full-time job, school, or children or other loved ones to tend to that require your full attention. But after a serious auto accident, the steps necessary to resolve the accident can compete for that attention! If you simply do not have the time to take care of your own accident, whether that be legal or insurance actions, you would benefit from hiring an accident attorney.

If you answered yes to any of these questions and feel you’d benefit from hiring an accident attorney, make sure you’re choosing the best to represent you. Choose Cockayne Law to be your advocate so you can focus on recovering and getting back on your feet.