Safe Winter Driving Habits In West Jordan, UT

Safe Winter Driving Habits

Experiencing a white Christmas (or white anytime during the month of December) is magical from the comfort of your warm home, but it is quite a different experience when you have to drive in it.

Your average, everyday driving always has a degree of risk, but when you add the out-of-the-ordinary challenges that come with winter driving it makes it one of the most frightening and dangerous kinds of driving there is.

The number of accidents drastically increase when snow, ice, or slush is involved. If you know you will be driving during the winter, it is important to prepare for any kind of driving condition..

Here are some safe winter driving habits you can develop now to so that your travels will be safe this holiday season and beyond.

Prepare Your Car

Before you even hit the road, you’ll want to make sure your car is in its best condition to handle the snowy or icy roads. Check your tires to see whether or not it is time to replace them. If they are in good shape, you want to make sure your tires are properly inflated. It’s also a good idea to make sure your windshield wipers are in good, working condition so that you’ll be able to see if the snow is flying. This also includes checking on your windshield fluid!

You can also take a few extra precautions this winter by making sure your car is stocked with an ice scraper, a shovel, and some salt in case your car gets stuck. Make it a habit to keep your tank at least half full so that if you do get stuck, you’ll be able to stay warm until you get the help you need.

Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to be traveling on certain days, make sure you’re following the weather updates so you know what to expect on the roads. If the weather is going to make driving unsafe, be willing to make changes to your travel plans. It may be inconvenient, but it will be safer in the long run.

Know How to Drive

Winter driving is completely different than driving any other time of year. There are a few different practices you need to be aware of and follow to stay safe. First, before you ever leave the driveway, make sure you’re heating up your car (but never in an enclosed area). Next, make sure you remove all of the snow and ice from each window, mirrors, lights, reflectors, hood, roof, and trunk. Make sure your seatbelt is buckled and you are using your headlights.

One of the most important things you can do during winter driving is to remember to slow down. With the unpredictability of winter driving, it is important to give yourself plenty of reaction time. Make sure you are leaving plenty of space between you and other drivers too.

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