Tips to Drive Safely

Tips To Drive Safely

Driving is a necessity for many people, and your travels usually go smoothly and safely. But there are times far too often when the roads become dangerous, putting you and your fellow passengers at risk. Sometimes those dangers come from other drives, and sometimes they may be because of your own driving habits. You can’t control how others drive, but you can do all you can to improve the way you drive and keep yourself as safe as possible. To help, here are a few tips to drive safely.

Tip #1: Stay Focused

Before you can make your driving habits safer, you need to be paying attention to the road. This means that when you are behind the wheel you are focused on the road, other drivers, and your actions. Becoming distracted by billboards, the radio, or a cell phone may divert your attention for just a second, but it’s long enough to cause a serious accident. In fact, cell phones are a major distraction while driving and a large reason accidents occur. Make it a habit to put your cell phone down when you get in the car and don’t pick it up until you get out. Part of staying focused also allows you to properly know what the rules of the road are (seeing stop signs, knowing speed limits) so that you are better able to follow them. When you go the speed limit and obey traffic laws, you are setting yourself up for a safe journey.

Tip #2: Be Defensive

After you’ve made a few adjustments to your own driving habits to drive safely, you need to do what you can to avoid the unsafe decisions of others. Be aware of the drivers around you. Keep an eye out for them and their movements. You should always expect the unexpected when it comes to other drivers, and know your course of action should the unexpected happen. And of course, if you are driving behind another car, be sure you allow plenty of space between the vehicles. The rule is two seconds, which will give you a chance to make a snap decision if necessary.

Tip #3: Have a Plan

No matter how focused you are, or how defensive you drive, accidents can still happen. The best thing you can do is to have a plan in place if you are involved in an accident. Having a personal injury attorney that you trust on hand if you’re injured physically or emotionally in an accident can help you get back on your feet quickly and painlessly. The attorneys at Cockayne Law fight for those who need it most. And with a free consultation, you have nothing to lose!

Tip #4: Plan Ahead
Another way to help you stay focused is by planning ahead so you have nothing to steal your attention away from the road. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you don’t feel the need to speed or feel stressed. If you know you’re going to need a break or make a pitstop, add extra time to your trip. If you’re hungry, pull over to eat rather than trying to eat in the car. It’ll only take a few minutes and it could make the difference between a life-or-death accident!