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Drunk Driving Statistic

While the holidays may be over, that doesn’t mean that being cautions on the road has come to an end too. The fact of the matter is, drunk driving happens all year long and is still prevalent despite more media attention and awareness. Here are a few drunk driving statistics that will hopefully help to keep you safer on the road, and create habits that will help keep others safe as well.

When you take the time to stop and consider the facts, the statistics surrounding drunk driving are astounding. According to the CDC, 28 people die every day after being involved in vehicle crashes that involved an alcohol-impaired driver. If you break that down… that is about one death every 51 minutes. The CDC also reports that nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths involve alcohol-impaired drivers. You may think that drunk driving doesn’t affect you, or that it is improving. You’ve likely seen ads about police cracking down on impaired drivers, and you may have even seen officers on the side of the road administering a breathalyzer test. While there has been progress as seen in the 1.1 million drivers arrested for impaired driving in 2015 reported by the CDC, it is only one percent of the 111 million self-reported cases of alcohol-impaired driving each year. The truth is, drunk driving is still a very real problem.

So what can you do? Make sure you designate drivers if you know you or others will be drinking. Don’t let your friends drink and drive. If you host a party where alcohol is served, make arrangements for your guests to get home safely. If you yourself are drinking, never get behind the wheel impaired.  

If you’re going to be out, the safest time to be on the roads is during the day on a weekday, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  In 2016 nine percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes during the day were drunk. That is compared to the 30 percent of drivers at night. There were twice as many alcohol-related traffic fatalities during the weekends compared to weekdays.

If you find yourself in an accident involving alcohol, it is important to get yourself an attorney who will be able to fight for you. If you are negatively impacted because of someone else’s decision to drink and drive you may be left facing outrageous medical bills, damaged property, injuries that make it difficult to get the accident resolved or even return to work, and a whole myriad of other issues.

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