Auto Accident Etiquette By Cockayne Law Firm Attorneys

Auto Accident Etiquette

After an auto accident you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. You might begin to panic and forget what to do after a car accident. It can be especially difficult to stay calm and follow the proper procedure if you or someone else involved in the accident has been injured.

But it is important to stay calm and follow the proper protocol in order to protect yourself when it comes to injury claims or using a personal injury lawyer. Here is the auto accident etiquette you should follow.

The first thing you should do when it comes to auto accident etiquette is to stay calm. Stop your vehicle if necessary, move to a safe place and use your hazards, and check to see If anyone has been injured be sure that you call 911 immediately and/or get them the necessary medical attention.

Once you have established that everyone is safe and stable, give the police a call (if they aren’t on their way already).

You’ll want to report the accident to the police and get an official police report. An important part of auto accident etiquette while waiting for the police should include being kind. You are likely uneasy, as is everyone else involved.

Being kind and respectful can help ease some of the tension. However, this does not mean that you should admit fault. Wait to discuss details of the auto accident with your auto accident attorney.

Next on your auto accident checklist should be to exchange information with the other parties involved. Exchange driver’s license numbers, insurance companies, license plate numbers and names. If there were witnesses to the accident, be sure to get their name and contact information as well.

While you wait for police, it is a good idea to make note of the accident, the location, and any other details about the accident on your own. Use your phone to take pictures, record any details that may help you in an accident case.

Lastly, you may be wondering what happens after a car accident and everyone goes home. This is when you’ll want to contact an accident attorney. They can help you as you navigate working with police and insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve for a damaged vehicle or for medial costs.

If you are a Taylorsville resident, look no further than Cockayne Law. As experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers, the attorneys at Cockayne Law can help you get back on your feet and in a position to carry on with your life. Don’t wait to call them after an accident!

If you’re worried about remembering the your auto accident etiquette, it’s a good idea to keep an accident checklist with you in your car at all times. There are many resources online to where you can find printable accident checklists. Refer to your checklist and handle your accident with the proper etiquette.