Issues Caused By Airbags In An Accident By Cockayne Law Firm

Common Injuries Caused By Airbags

You hope you never need them — your airbags are tucked away safely in the dash of your car, ready to be deployed should you be involved in a major accident. The only problem is that the device that’s put in place to protect you can also do some damage. Being in a serious accident can leave you injured. Airbag injuries on top of that just isn’t fair. Know what injuries aren’t caused by the accident itself by knowing these common injuries caused by airbags.

#1. Skin Damage

One of the common ways an airbag can cause damage is simply by causing damage to your skin. This can happen because of the speed and force at which it is deployed, or the chemicals used in the airbag. Bruising and scrapes on the face, chest, and arms are common, or any other skin that is exposed. In some cases the airbag may also cause burns. Skin irritation is a more minor, but common injury associated with airbags.

#2. Head Trauma

Your head is one of the most important parts of your body to protect in an accident, and unfortunately your airbag can cause a lot of damage to it. In the event of a crash, your airbag can cause fractures to your skull as well as concussions. The impact can lead to brain swelling or unconsciousness. Airbags have also been known to cause brain injuries as well as damage to eyes and ears/hearing.

#3.  Fractures

In more extreme cases, airbags can actually cause damage beyond the skin and muscles and break your bones. Airbags are known to cause fractures in a number of places including the spine, face, arms, hands and wrists, and rib cage.

#4. Internal Injuries

One of the most frightening types of injuries you can get during a car accident is an internal one. Often you can have no idea what type or the severity of internal injuries you sustain during an accident, some of which can be caused by your airbag. Arteries, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and brain stem can all be injured by an airbag. Internal bleeding can also cause severe issues. If you’ve been in an accident it’s important to get checked out, otherwise you may not catch some of these easily missed, yet serious, internal injuries.

If you find yourself injured from car accident with additional injuries caused by an airbag, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Not to mention in massive amounts of pain. That’s why it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve to try to help you get your life back on track.

Whether you need help with an airbag issue, or proving your innocence in an auto accident, Cockayne Law is proud to fight for injury and accident victims. In fact, there are many different types of accidents and injuries that Cockayne Law can help you with. If you’re injured and need someone to fight for you, contact Cockayne Law today for your free consultation.