Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

What to Look for When Choosing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a collision in West Valley City, Utah, and an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer or other big rig was involved, you need a skilled semi-truck accident lawyer.

These types of crashes tend to result in complex injury claims. Consider the following:

  • Truck accidents most often occur when the driver is on the job. As such, other parties – such as the trucking company, a maintenance contractor or a parts manufacturer – could be liable for your injuries and losses.
  • Unless you’re one of the fortunate few, the collision likely left you with serious, life-altering injuries. Securing the evidence you need to reach a successful case outcome will be a definite challenge if you don’t get expert help.
  • Insurance adjusters aren’t on your side. Instead of protecting your rights, their job is to protect the bottom line of the company they represent – and they’ll likely try to settle your injury claim for far less than what you deserve.

For these reasons, hiring the right semi-truck accident lawyer is in your best interests. Here’s what to look for as you search for a West Valley City attorney to handle your injury claim.

Experience with Utah Semi-Truck Accident Claims

As we mentioned, claims arising from collisions involving big rigs are often quite complicated. In light of this, finding an attorney who specializes in helping victims of trucking accidents is essential.

To determine the level of experience a West Valley City attorney has resolving truck accident cases, look at both the number of years they’ve been practicing personal injury law and the amount of their time that is devoted to cases that are similar to yours. If you’re unable to find the information on the truck accident lawyer’s website, be sure to ask when you meet for a consultation.

Resources to Handle a Semi-Truck Accident Claim

With trucking accidents, the likelihood of reaching a successful case resolution is directly tied to the quality of the evidence – and not every lawyer has the capability to collect crucial proof to support your claim.

Along with accident reports and at-the-scene evidence, victims of semi-truck collisions may need in-cab camera footage, data from the rig’s electronic logging device and/or the results of the driver’s drug and alcohol testing to prove liability. An attorney at an established West Valley City law firm should have the know-how to get this evidence and use it to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Readiness to Take On Large Insurance Companies

Collisions involving big rigs often result in traumatic injuries and high-dollar claims. With so much at stake, insurance adjusters take an aggressive stance, using tricks and misleading language to get victims to accept low settlement offers.

Bearing that in mind, finding a semi-truck accident lawyer who knows about the tactics insurance adjusters use – and who isn’t afraid to fight back – is imperative. Hire a skilled attorney, and they can take over the negotiations, using their own set of skills to get you the amount of compensation you deserve. And since there’s a chance the case may not settle, you need a lawyer who is willing to take the battle to court.

Reputation for High-Quality Legal Representation

Reputation is a good gauge for the expertise of a truck accident lawyer and their ability to help injured victims. As such, asking people you trust for a referral is well-worth the effort – family and friends wouldn’t recommend a less-than-qualified attorney.

What if no one close to you can give you the name of a semi-truck accident lawyer in West Valley City? The Utah state bar association maintains a list of licensed legal professionals, and you can easily check their website. Searching for reviews of local attorneys can also be beneficial, as reading about the experiences of former clients can provide you with significant insights.

Choosing the Right Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

The above qualities are clearly important, but it’s equally crucial to find an attorney who has room in their schedule to meet your needs – and that’s definitely a question you should ask when you consult with a West Valley City truck accident lawyer. But to ensure that the legal professional you hire actually can give your injury claim ample attention, consider the following:

  • Did the lawyer respond in good time when you initially called to request a consultation?
  • Were you able to make an appointment soon after, or did the meeting have to wait awhile?
  • Do you believe that the lawyer understands how to handle semi-truck accident claims?
  • Are you confident that the attorney has a clear and realistic strategy for building your case?
  • Has the lawyer been upfront about the challenges that could arise with your injury claim?
  • Does the attorney seem trustworthy, with a sincere desire to fight for the justice you deserve?

Ultimately, you need to trust your instincts and choose the truck accident attorney with whom you feel the most comfortable, someone you think has what it takes to reach a successful outcome. We would love to see you here at Cockayne Law, and you can contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation anytime. To discuss your injury claim with a highly skilled semi-truck accident lawyer in West Valley City, Utah, call our law office today.