Car Accident Lawyer

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

When faced with a difficult situation, you need advice from someone who understands how to help – and if you’re dealing with injuries resulting from a car crash in Taylorsville, Utah, a car accident lawyer is the professional to call.

In an ideal world, anyone injured due to someone else’s negligence or reckless actions would have an easy way to get fully compensated for their losses. In reality, personal injury claims can be surprisingly complicated, and many victims need help to ensure a favorable outcome. Here, the legal team at Cockayne Law explains what the right car accident lawyer can do to pursue the justice you deserve.

Evaluate Your Case

Most car accident attorneys – including Chris Cockayne here at Cockayne Law – offer free, no-obligation consultations. At the start of the meeting, the first hurdle for a lawyer will be to confirm that you have a valid case for compensation. To that end, they’ll listen to your description of the car crash and ask pointed questions, as any personal injury claim needs specific elements to succeed. After the two of you have a discussion, you’ll know whether or not you have a viable case.

Explain Your Legal Rights

Utah has adopted a no-fault auto accidently liability system, and that means damages resulting from a car crash are typically covered by each motorist’s own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Comparative negligence also applies, and the state has a statute of limitations of three years for property damage claims and four years for most injury cases. A car accident lawyer will explain all of this in detail, ensuring that you understand the legal process.

Conduct an Investigation

Experienced car accident attorneys know how to build a solid case, and you can count on a lawyer to collect ample proof to support your side of the story. Determining exactly what happened and who was at fault is crucial, and to secure compensation, you may need photos of the crash scene, medical records, police reports and witness statements. A seasoned car accident lawyer can conduct an in-depth investigation and gather the necessary evidence to prove your claim.

Act as Your Advocate

A skilled car accident lawyer can protect your interests by handling the communication and negotiations with the insurance provider of the at-fault party. Insurance adjusters may be friendly, but they aren’t your friends. It’s their job to devalue or deny claims whenever possible, and without legal expertise, a fair settlement offer may be out of reach. An accident attorney in Taylorsville, Utah, can advocate on your behalf, and if necessary, take your case to court.

Maximize Your Compensation

You no doubt want to obtain every dollar you deserve, and an attorney with experience in Taylorsville car accident claims can help make that happen. Medical expenses and property damage are just the start – you may also be able to seek compensation for lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and loss of consortium. Hire an accomplished car accident lawyer, and you’ll have help pursuing all of the damages that apply to your case.

Can You Afford a Car Accident Lawyer?

Research has shown that injured car accident victims who have legal representation receive more compensation than those who don’t – but can you bear the expense? Isn’t it expensive to hire a lawyer?

Cost is a common concern, but there’s really no need to worry about your budget. Work with a Utah law firm that accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, like Cockayne Law, and you won’t have to pay a dime in legal fees unless you receive compensation. In the event your case ends without a win, you may be responsible for certain case costs. But this outcome isn’t all that likely, as attorneys who offer contingency fee arrangement generally only accept cases they feel they can win.

Get the Help You Need at Cockayne Law

If another motorist’s negligent or careless conduct has caused you to be seriously injured, the legal team at Cockayne Law is ready to take the lead on your case.

Taylorsville, Utah, is home to more than a few car accident lawyers, but not all dedicate a large percentage of their time to cases related to motor vehicle collisions. And when you’ve suffered serious injuries in a car crash, you need someone with that sort of experience. You also need a lawyer who is responsive, reliable and ready to guide you through every phase of the legal process. Plus, of course, you want to hire an attorney with a good reputation and a track record of success.

That’s what you’ll find at Cockayne Law. Chris Cockayne, the leader of our legal team, focuses almost exclusively on personal injury claims resulting from road incidents. And, we have years of experience helping people just like you. For more information on the work we do, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case with a top-notch car accident lawyer serving Taylorsville, Utah, contact Cockayne Law today.