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What to Expect When You Call a West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer

Most people only get in touch with a West Jordan car accident lawyer when they need legal advice or assistance in filing a claim for compensation. That’s really no surprise, though – attorneys are like roofers, plumbers and other service providers in that we’re only called upon when our services are required.

In any case, when faced with the aftermath of a car crash, many people make that call. Doing so can be a wise decision if you were injured in a collision, as an experienced car accident lawyer can combat any attempts made by insurance adjusters to minimize or reject your claim.

At most personal injury law firms in and around West Jordan, Utah, calling to discuss a case costs you nothing. However, if this is your first time contacting a car accident lawyer, you may be wondering what to expect. For an explanation, read on.

Initial Conversation

When you first reach out to a local law firm, you’ll want to have some information close at hand. To figure out if they can be of assistance, a West Jordan car accident lawyer will need to know the basics regarding your collision. As such, you need to be ready to answer the following:

  • Who? – Who was involved in the collision? Who was at fault?
  • What? – What led to the car accident? What injuries did you sustain?
  • When? – When did the crash take place? When did you first seek medical care?
  • Where? – Where was the collision? Where were you headed at the time?
  • How? – How has the accident affected your life? How have you suffered?

And as for the why? That’s no mystery – your need for legal guidance is why you decided to call a car accident lawyer. At any rate, once you provide answers to the questions above, the law firm representative you confer with should know enough to determine if you might have a valid claim for compensation and whether the case may warrant legal representation. If so, you’ll be invited to come in for a free, no-obligation consultation.

In-Person Consultation

Most West Jordan car accident lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis, which simply means that their legal fees are contingent upon them securing compensation, either through a settlement or jury award. If they don’t win a case, they don’t get paid – so being invited to the office is a sign that you might have a winning claim.

However, the initial phone call takes just a few minutes, and that’s not enough time for an attorney to fully understand your situation. When you sit down for a one-on-one chat, their goal will be to get a much clearer idea of what your case may involve. To that end, come prepared to explain what happened and how you’ve suffered as a result of the incident. After you share your story, the car accident lawyer may have a few follow-up questions, such as:

  • Did anyone happen to witness the car crash? If so, do you have their contact information?
  • Were you able to take photos at the accident scene? Did you collect any other evidence?
  • Have any insurance adjusters called? If you spoke to anyone about the crash, what did you say?

With any car accident claim, evidence is of the utmost importance. To pursue compensation, an attorney must be able to prove that another motorist’s negligent or careless actions caused your injuries and that you have suffered financially as a result. A lawyer will want to see any paperwork that pertains to these matters, so if you have any of the following, bring the documents along to the consultation:

  • Medical records, including treatment data, prescription information, bills for services rendered and discharge guidelines
  • Income verification, such as pay stubs, W2 forms, tax returns or bank statements, to show the earnings you’ve missed
  • Property loss documents, like an estimate for repair work or an invoice for vehicle repairs that have been completed
  • Insurance communications, meaning any letters, emails or other paperwork you’ve received from any insurance adjuster

Depending on the amount and type of documents you provide, a car accident lawyer may not go over everything in detail right away. But after they look at the paperwork and the two of you discuss the situation, you’ll get their opinion as to the strength of your legal claim. At this point, the attorney may offer to take your case – but first, you might want to ask a few questions of your own, such as:

  • What are the challenges with this accident claim?
  • How long do you think the claims process will take?
  • Do you foresee a settlement, or will we need to go to court?
  • What do you expect the compensation to be with this case?
  • Is there anything you might need as we move forward?

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