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How to Find the Right West Jordan Auto Accident Lawyer to Hire

As you may have noticed, auto accident lawyers who represent clients in West Jordan, Utah, are definitely not few and far between. Countless attorneys assist with personal injury claims related to car crashes – and that makes choosing a legal professional quite the challenge.

If another motorist’s negligence or reckless actions caused you harm, you may need help from an auto accident attorney. The person you hire should serve as your advocate, protecting your rights and fighting to ensure you walk away with every dollar you deserve. So, how do you know which lawyers in the West Jordan area meet that description?

To narrow down the many options and find the best auto accident lawyer for your case, follow these steps.

Compile a List of Local Lawyers

Looking online is an easy way to get names of local car accident attorneys, but be aware that a high rank in the search results doesn’t necessarily mean that a lawyer is well-qualified – it’s more indicative of a strong marketing strategy. For that reason, you may want to consider other ways to find auto accident attorneys who practice in the West Jordan area. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask relatives, friends, co-workers and neighbors for recommendations
  • Check with people you trust in any social and civic groups you’re involved with
  • Call upon a local attorney who helped you with another type of legal matter

Getting referrals is well worth the time and effort, as people you know aren’t likely to steer you wrong and recommend an auto accident lawyer who doesn’t make the grade. That said, legal expertise is crucial, so it’s time to do a bit of homework.

Research the Attorneys on Your List

Once you have the names of several auto accident attorneys in the West Jordan area, your next task is to check their qualifications. You’ll want to hire a local lawyer who has extensive experience with personal injury claims that are similar to yours, and seeking out a legal professional who specializes in car crash cases is in your best interests. To determine an attorney’s level of experience, you can:

  • Check their website for information on their educational background, professional affiliations and relevant experience
  • Contact the Utah State or the Salt Lake County Bar Association to confirm their credentials and find out if they are in good standing
  • Read online reviews, news briefs and articles about the attorney and take a look at what they’ve posted on social media

In addition, consider the track record of each auto accident lawyer on your list. Do they have a history of winning cases? Are they ready to represent you in court if settlement negotiations break down? If you can’t find the information online, don’t hesitate to ask.

Schedule Legal Consultations

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how the auto accident lawyers you’re considering measure up. Your next step is to meet with the lawyers who are at the top of your list – and since legal consultations are free of charge at most personal injury law firms in and around West Jordan, Utah, you can talk to as many lawyers as you want. Treat the meetings like interviews, asking questions like:

  • How would you approach this case?
  • What outcome do you foresee?
  • How long will it take to reach a resolution?
  • Do you work on a contingency fee basis?
  • How are case-related costs handled?

You might also want to ask if you can speak with a former client. Reputable auto accident lawyers should be willing to provide you with references – if anyone you consult with isn’t inclined to do so, move on to another attorney.

Think It Over and Make a Decision

An auto accident lawyer with a stellar reputation, ample experience and a history of achieving favorable case outcomes may sound good on paper. But, none of those qualities really matter if an attorney isn’t ready to meet your needs. Before you come to a decision, consider everything you’ve learned about each legal professional and ask yourself these questions:

  • How quickly did the lawyer respond when you requested a consultation?
  • Was it difficult to find a convenient time to schedule an appointment?
  • Does the lawyer seem to have a solid strategy for your case?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the attorney and staff at their law firm?

At the end of the day, the decision on how to proceed is completely in your hands. You really have to just trust your gut and hire the auto accident lawyer you believe is the right choice – and if you’re in northern Utah, we hope you consider Cockayne Law.

Helping injured car crash victims get justice is what we do, and our highly skilled and experienced legal team has what it takes to build a strong case and fight for the maximum in compensation. We’ve built our reputation on successfully protecting the rights of injured people in West Valley City, Magna, Rose Park, Taylorsville, Kearns, West Jordan and the surrounding Utah region, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you. To schedule an auto accident lawyer consultation at Cockayne Law, contact us today.