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Avoid Insurance Adjuster Tricks – Trust an Auto Accident Attorney

Every auto accident attorney in Taylorsville has one goal, and that’s to help injured victims like you get full compensation for all accident-related expenses. Insurance adjusters have the opposite objective – it’s their job to tip the scales in the other direction, paying out as little as possible on personal injury claims.

The adjuster assigned to your case might seem to be a really nice person, but as an insurance company employee, they’re not on your side. They aren’t going to try to settle your injury claim fairly, and actually, they’d rather pay you nothing at all.

To that end, insurance adjusters frequently use tricks to push injured victims into settling for less than their claim is worth. Turning your case over to an experienced Taylorsville auto accident attorney is the best way to thwart their attempts, but for now, take a moment and familiarize yourself with the tricks adjusters use to keep their employers from parting with much money.

The Quick Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters know that injuries incurred in an auto accident often leave people struggling to pay their bills. So, they make a show of offering to a quick settlement for the purpose of helping a victim out – but that’s not the real reason.

An adjuster will want you to settle quickly because once you accept an offer, there’s no going back to fight for additional compensation. Their hope is that you settle before you have a chance to talk to a Taylorsville auto accident attorney and, hopefully, before the full extent of your injuries becomes known. That way, they’ll get away with paying out much less.

The Recorded Statement

When an insurance adjuster reaches out to speak with an injured auto accident victim, they typically ask for a recorded statement – and the way they make the request creates the impression that doing so is simply part of the process. It isn’t.

You don’t have to give an adjuster permission to record your conversation. Nor is making a recorded statement a good idea. Anything you say can be used against you, or your words could be twisted, affecting the value of your personal injury claim. Instead of agreeing to give a recorded statement, tell the adjuster you want to consult with an auto accident attorney first.

The Encouragement

Insurance adjusters often coax injured auto accident victims into settling personal injury claims without the assistance of an attorney. Why hire a lawyer, they say, when doing so will only reduce the amount of compensation you receive?

In reality, if an adjuster tells you that you have no need of a Taylorsville auto accident attorney or that hiring a legal professional is going to cost you, they’re not looking after your financial interests. Studies show that accident victims who have lawyers take charge of their personal injury claims receive much higher payouts, so the adjuster is only trying to save the insurance company money.

The Pauses in Action

Initially, insurance adjusters attempt to get injured victims to accept quick settlement offers. If unsuccessful, they switch tactics – and rather than pushing to resolve a personal injury claim as quickly as possible, they do what they can to delay the process.

Delays can be beneficial for the insurance company, and the adjuster will be hoping that you get frustrated with the waiting and settle for less than what you deserve. And if the statute of limitations happens to expire, you’ll lose the right to collect compensation. So, don’t be surprised if an adjuster stops calling or keeps saying they need more evidence. Take that as a cue to contact an auto accident attorney instead.

The Shady Statements

Many insurance adjusters are quite good at what they do, and when chatting with injured auto accident victims, they come off as being kind and trustworthy. This is an illusion, as it’s their job to represent the interests of the insurance company.

Adjusters routinely make remarks that are deceptive. You may be told, for example, that other personal injury claims like yours settled for a small amount of money. Or, the adjuster may say that the offer they’ve presented is final and there is no way to negotiate a larger settlement. When in doubt about what you’re hearing, get in touch with an experienced auto accident attorney.

Contact Cockayne Law for a Free Legal Consultation

If you’ve been seriously injured in a Taylorsville auto accident, hiring a local lawyer is a smart strategy for avoiding insurance adjuster tricks and securing the maximum in compensation from the at-fault party.

Cockayne Law is ready to protect your rights, and we’ll make every effort to help you collect every dollar you deserve. Insurance companies that do business in northern Utah know that our legal team is prepared to put up a strong fight for a fair settlement – and they also know that we won’t hesitate to take a personal injury claim to court, if that’s what it takes to secure the best outcome.

Let Cockayne Law handle your legal claim, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with insurance adjusters – and we won’t charge you a dime in legal fees unless we win your case. For more information on how we help injured victims in Taylorsville, Utah, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney, contact our office today.