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Injured in a Magna Car Crash? How Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

In Magna, Utah, most people don’t think to contact an auto accident lawyer until the need arises. By the same token, many car crash victims don’t know why they would need an attorney.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, should you call a local personal injury lawyer?

Absolutely. Most auto accident lawyers – including the team at Cockayne Law – offer free, no-obligation consultations. So, you have nothing to lose by discussing your personal injury claim with an attorney. And the truth is, an experienced lawyer can play an important role in the fight for monetary compensation. Here’s a look at what you have to gain if you seek out legal representation.

Challenging the Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters may be friendly people, but the companies they work for want to make a profit. As such, it’s the job of an adjuster to look for ways to reduce the payout on a personal injury claim – or, better yet, to avoid paying anything at all.

Turn to an auto accident lawyer, and you’ll have an expert partner looking out for your best interests. You can expect an attorney to:

  • Take over all insurance company communications
  • Deal with all of the details that apply to your legal claim
  • Represent your needs and defend your right to compensation
  • Handle the negotiations and, if necessary, fight it out in court

All of this assumes that the legal professional you choose has experience with personal injury claims. That’s essential when it comes to insurance negotiations – and with a seasoned auto accident lawyer in your corner, the likelihood of a favorable case outcome will be even greater.

Establishing the Right to Compensation

In Utah, individuals who are harmed because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions has the right to pursue compensation for their losses. However, proving who is liable in a Magna motor vehicle accident can be rather challenging.

Chances are, the person responsible for your injuries may try to place the blame elsewhere, confusing the issue of liability. An auto accident lawyer can help by:

  • Securing the accident report and speaking with witnesses
  • Collecting evidence that sheds light on the cause of the car crash
  • Gathering medical records to show the severity of your injuries
  • Consulting with experts to confirm the gravity of your legal claim

Being that you’re seriously injured, obtaining the necessary evidence to build a solid case can be quite difficult on your own. An experienced auto accident lawyer will know what it takes to reach a fair settlement or file a lawsuit, and with a legal professional in charge, getting the compensation you deserve will be much easier.

Meeting Every Applicable Legal Deadline

When you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, recovering should be your priority. But the reality is, seeking compensation from the party at fault isn’t a task you can put on hold – so you’re better off putting it in the hands of an attorney.

These types of cases come with several deadlines. Turn to a qualified Magna auto accident lawyer, and you won’t have to worry about any of the following:

  • The time frame for notifying your insurance provider about the crash
  • Utah’s four-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim
  • The three-year time limit for pursuing a property damage claim in Utah

Missing legal deadlines is a major problem in a personal injury claim, as that generally makes it impossible to obtain compensation. Waiting until you’ve had time to heal would be preferable, but doing so isn’t an option. Contacting an auto accident attorney as soon as possible is the best way to protect your rights and interests,

Making Life Easier After a Magna Car Crash

With serious injuries, recovering from a motor vehicle accident is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Your focus should be on getting better and moving forward, not on dealing with the hassles and headaches of a personal injury claim.

Partner with an experienced auto accident lawyer, and you can put yourself first. You’ll have an easier time making it down the road to recovery because:

  • You won’t bear the brunt of pressure from the insurance company
  • You’ll have plenty of time to get the medical care and rest you need
  • You can stop worrying, knowing that a legal expert is handling everything

When you’re injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another motorist, you deserve to be compensated for all of your losses. Letting a skilled and knowledgeable legal professional take control of your personal injury claim is in your best interests – in terms of both your physical and your financial recovery.

If a car crash in northern Utah has left you with serious injuries, Cockayne Law is here to help. Our legal team has extensive experience with auto accident cases, and we know how to get the maximum in monetary compensation. And with us, you won’t pay any legal fees unless our efforts lead to a settlement or jury award. For a free, no-obligation consultation with a highly rated Magna auto accident lawyer, contact us today.