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Auto Accident Lawyer Guide — Medical Proof to Support a Claim

Has a car crash left you seriously injured? An experienced auto accident lawyer in Kearns, Utah, can help you file a claim against the at-fault party — but to collect the compensation you rightfully deserve, you’ll need evidence of your injuries.

Every personal injury claim must be backed up by credible medical proof to be successful, and the documentation must come from a health care provider. With that being said, conversations and actions at the doctor’s office and beyond can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. For the best chance of securing a favorable result, follow the advice below.

Seek Medical Care as Soon as Possible

Visiting a doctor should be a priority when you’ve been injured in Kearns car crash. Your health is of paramount importance, and the extent of the harm you sustained might not be immediately apparent. Plus, some injuries can get worse without proper care. Knowing all of this, it’s easy to see why auto accident lawyers say that prompt medical attention is a must.

Ask Questions About Your Injuries

When you go to the doctor’s office for a medical evaluation, getting answers to key questions is important. The information you receive could serve as medical proof, making it possible for your auto accident lawyer to build a solid personal injury claim. Here’s what you should ask:

What injuries require medical treatment?

After a car crash, you might need to visit several health care providers. Asking a doctor to provide a simple list of the injuries sustained in the accident is a good idea, as your lawyer won’t need to hunt through heaps of documents to compile this vital information.

How do you know what caused these injuries?

Insurance adjusters do all they can to devalue personal injury claims, and they’ll likely argue that you were harmed in another way. Ask your doctor to explain what caused each of your injuries, and your auto accident lawyer will be able to prove them wrong.

Do you expect any long-term complications?

While many people involved in car crashes bounce back rather quickly, serious injuries might alter the course of your life. Make sure to ask your doctor about what to expect in regards to recovery, as this information can be used as medical proof for your claim.

What’s your advice on going back to work?

Do you need time off from work to recover? Will you have to find a different job or stop working because of your injuries? A lawyer can seek compensation for lost income and loss of earning capacity, but only if they know what your doctor recommends.

Take Care to Avoid Weakening Your Claim

As we said above, what you say when you’re at the doctor’s office and how you act after a Kearns car crash can affect the amount of compensation you receive in a personal injury claim. To ensure you’re able to collect every dollar you deserve, follow these tips from experienced auto accident lawyers:

Be Completely Honest

When it comes to health care providers, complete honesty is always advisable. Being forthright about your medical history allows you to get the treatment you need, and by sharing everything, you’ll be helping to preserve the integrity of your injury claim.

Stick to Sharing the Facts

You can expect your doctor to ask how you incurred your injuries, and your answer should simply be that you were in an auto accident. Lawyers say not to offer any additional information or opinions, as your words could come back to haunt you.

Keep Every Appointment

Skipping even a single doctor visit could be a problem for your personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters will use that against you, saying it’s proof that you aren’t all that badly injured. If you can’t keep an appointment, be sure to reschedule immediately.

Follow the Treatment Plan

If you don’t listen to your health care providers, you might compromise your case. As such, if you disagree with a doctor’s advice, don’t ignore their recommendations – instead, let them know about your reservations and ask to discuss the alternatives.

Keep All Information Private

Insurance adjusters will search online for evidence that you’re not seriously injured, and what may seem to be a harmless comment or photo could actually undermine your claim. As social media is never truly private, attorneys say it’s best to steer clear.

Don’t Delay – Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer Right Away

Insurance companies have teams of highly skilled legal professionals on their side, and that makes it difficult to fight for a fair amount of financial compensation on your own. To collect every dollar you’re owed for your injuries and losses, you need an experienced auto accident lawyer – and the sooner you schedule a legal consultation, the better.

For expert legal representation in Kearns, elsewhere in Salt Lake County or the surrounding northern Utah area, Cockayne Law is the right choice. To discuss your personal injury claim with a friendly and knowledgeable auto accident lawyer, contact our office today.