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Injured in a Car Accident? Attorneys Explain the Steps to Take

Being involved in a car crash is traumatic enough, and being injured makes the situation worse. You might not know how to react or what to do next, but as every experienced car accident attorney knows, your actions could have a massive impact.

At Cockayne Law, we’re here to help injured victims in West Valley City and the surrounding northern Utah region. To that end, our legal team has prepared a list of the immediate steps to take – to protect your legal rights and give yourself the best chance at recovering the compensation you deserve, follow the advice below.

Put Safety First

After a car crash, your safety and the safety of others involved is the priority. If possible, relocate your vehicle to an area outside the flow of traffic, and turn on your hazard lights or set up flares to alert incoming motorists of the car accident. Attorneys recommend a cautious approach, however, and moving your vehicle may not be a good idea if you’re seriously injured.

Contact the Authorities

Being injured, you’re going to need to call 911 to request emergency medical assistance. In addition, car accident attorneys say that calling a local law enforcement agency is a must. In Utah, every car crash that involves injuries has to be reported – and beyond that, an official police report can be crucial when it comes to filing a car accident claim.

Assess the Situation

Gathering information is the next step to take after a car accident, and lawyers suggest using your phone. Capture photos of the crash scene, making sure to get the important details – vehicle positions, traffic signs and skid marks can be quite telling. If you can, exchange information with the other motorists, but refrain from making any comments about the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the nature of your injuries, seeing a medical professional is absolutely essential after a car accident. Attorneys warn that sometimes, what appears to be a minor injury turns out to be more significant. And in some cases, injuries aren’t immediately apparent. Get a medical exam, and you’ll know how you’ve been injured and how to protect your health.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Legal representation isn’t required to pursue compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident. An attorney consultation is worthwhile, however, as securing compensation for your losses and injuries may be quite the challenge. A lawyer can evaluate the situation in terms of the potential or legal action, and moving forward, they can take over the negotiations.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Utah is one of the states that follows the no-fault car accident liability system. That being the case, your insurance company needs to know about the crash, as your policy may cover much of your financial losses. With serious injuries, though, damages are likely to exceed $3,000 – and compensation above that amount will need to come from the party at fault for the accident.

Follow All Medical Advice

Your doctor could recommend that you don’t go back to work until you’re fully recovered. Or, you might be able to return to your job sooner, but you’ll need to cut the hours due to the nature of your injuries. Whatever your doctor says, that’s what you should do – that will not only put you on the easiest road to recovery, but it’ll also help in building a solid legal claim.

Cockayne Law is Ready to Protect Your Rights

Cockayne Law offers personalized legal representation to injured victims in West Valley City, and our experienced car accident attorneys have what it takes to bring your case to a successful outcome. Put your legal claim in our hands, and our team will:

  • Thoroughly investigate the car crash
  • Preserve all evidence related to the accident
  • Deal with the at-fault party’s insurance provider
  • Negotiate a fair settlement – or fight it out in court
  • Keep you updated as your case progresses
  • Do all we can to get every dollar you deserve

With the professional team at Cockayne Law on your side, you stand a strong chance of getting fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience, and with that comes a solid understanding of the legal process – and knowledge of how to handle difficult cases. Plus, with our team on the job, you’ll be free to focus on healing and recovering from your injuries.

 A car crash in West Valley City, Utah, can be a harrowing event, but taking the right steps is essential to safeguarding your legal rights. By following the advice above – and getting the help of an experienced car accident attorney – you’ll have an easier time pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses. We’re ready to provide the support and guidance you need, and you won’t owe us a dime in legal fees unless we win your case.

 For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with a highly skilled car accident attorney, contact Cockayne Law in West Valley City, Utah, today.