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Can You Replace Your Car Accident Lawyer?

Talented people make up every profession, including the practice of personal injury law.  However, there’s no denying that some car accident lawyers in Rose Park, Utah, are better than others – and even one of the best attorneys in the area might not be the right one to handle your case.

But what if you’ve already signed a contract with a local auto accident lawyer? Can you switch to a different attorney if you’re not satisfied with your current legal representation?

While a judge could deny the request if changing attorneys generates a conflict of interest, you should be able to replace your car accident lawyer without a problem. And, you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so – outside of our law firm, this happens all the time. Let’s take a look at the reasons you might want a different attorney and what to keep in mind if you decide to make a switch.

Reasons to Consider an Attorney Change

Sometimes, Rose Park accident victims need to find a new attorney – it isn’t a choice, as the lawyer they’re working with is unable to continue with the case. That said, there are valid reasons why someone might decide to look for a different car accident lawyer.

For instance, if any of the following are true, switching attorneys may be the right move:

  • You feel as if your case isn’t getting the attention it deserves.
  • Your lawyer is disorganized, unprepared or always running late.
  • You no longer have confidence in your attorney’s legal abilities.
  • Your calls to the law firm aren’t being returned in a timely manner.
  • Your attorney doesn’t have the experience your case requires.
  • You’re concerned about unethical behavior or misconduct.
  • You and your lawyer don’t agree on the approach to your case.
  • You’re being pressured into decisions that make you uncomfortable.

Also, plenty of people change attorneys for personal reasons. If you find that you aren’t getting along with the car accident lawyer you hired, it may be beneficial to look for a different legal professional.

What to Do When You Want a Different Lawyer

You may have a good reason for wanting to work with a different law firm. Or, you could simply see that your relationship with your car accident lawyer isn’t going to work out. Either way, don’t fire your attorney until you’ve made other arrangements.

To end your existing attorney-client relationship, follow these steps:

  • Read your legal agreement. Find out if the contract has a termination clause and, if so, whether the clause specifies the timing, the procedure for notice or any other conditions.
  • Find a new attorney. You don’t want to be without legal representation, as that could lead to delays or missing deadlines. Hire a new car accident attorney first, before firing your old lawyer.
  • Write a termination letter. Notice in writing is necessary when you terminate a contract. Provide the new attorney’s contact information and request that your case file be sent over – and use certified mail to have proof of delivery.
  • Consider uncollected costs. If you owe money to the law firm you originally hired, they have the right to collect payment before handing over your case file. To prevent a delay, discuss any outstanding case expenses.
  • Notify the local court. If your personal injury case is already in the court system, you (or your new car accident attorney) will need to file a motion for substitution of counsel. Similarly, your old lawyer will submit a motion to withdraw.

Will Changing Lawyers Cost You in the Long Run?

If you replace your car accident lawyer in the middle of a case, the attorney you were previously working with may be able to place a lien on the settlement you win. In other words, the old law firm might have the right to a portion of the money.

Generally speaking, the issue here comes down to the specific services the previous lawyer rendered and what might be a reasonable amount to pay for those services. Your new car accident lawyer can help you figure out the fee arrangements, making sure that the total going to your old lawyer compensates them for their efforts.

Depending upon the new lawyer you hire, you might end up paying a bit more for legal services. However, you might also get a better case result, collecting the maximum in compensation versus only some of the damages you’re owed. And with some law firms that serve car accident victims in Rose Park – including Cockayne Law – switching to a different attorney won’t cost you more.

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At Cockayne Law, we believe that every accident victim deserves to have a strong advocate – and anyone who isn’t satisfied with their legal representation should feel free to switch. To that end, we make sure that moving to our law firm doesn’t cost extra.

Our experienced legal team would be happy to take your case, even if you have a contract with another local attorney. And in the event that lawyer is still entitled to part of your settlement, we’ll split the legal fees, covering their share. So, the money they receive won’t come from your end.

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