As a cyclist, you are well aware of the risk you’re taking each time you set out on the roadways. There
are poor drivers everywhere, and plenty of good drivers who struggle to see you or pay attention to the
entire road. You often have to ride right on the shoulder, with little or no space for your own travel. Not
to mention you only have a helmet for protection. If someone is reaching for their French fries or texting
on their phone, drifting a matter of inches can mean serious bodily harm for you.

After a cycling accident, the consequences are immense. You’re dealing with injuries, insurance, medical
treatment, replacing your bike and other gear, missing work and other obligations. You should be
focusing on healing and resting, but instead you’re straddled with a mountain of paperwork and
confusing insurance adjusters. It’s an uphill battle to get the compensation you deserve, and you have
little time or energy to do that. But Cockayne Law will do it for you.

Cockayne Law has years of experience dealing with insurance companies to win thousands for our
clients. We have plenty of practice and can navigate the complicated path to claim payment much faster
than you can manage on your own. Cockayne Law will find evidence and support for your claim,
complete paperwork, write letters, and basically ensure that you get the most from the insurance
companies for your pain and suffering.

We start with a free consultation, so if you or someone you love has been involved in a cycling accident,
call us right away. We will begin by carefully listening to your story and providing options which will help
you to make the right decision for your future. Don’t let a cycling accident derail your life and finances –
let us help.