Slip and fall accidents are common and sometimes embarrassing. Many people keep them a secret, or don’t want to admit that they fell and hurt themselves. Others maintain that it must have been their own clumsiness that caused the fall, so they won’t report it or seek help. However, it is important to realize that slip and fall injuries, or other accidents causing harm which occurred because of unsafe conditions may entitle you to insurance compensation and other benefits.

Workplaces, businesses, and other public areas are required by law to keep their premises safe and free of risk. Many risks are preventable, and they are expected to prevent them by careful planning and maintenance. This means keeping walkways dry and free of snow, ice, water, or other unstable or dangerous materials. It means repairing cracks or holes, and being sure the entire structure is up to code. If you have sustained an injury due to someone’s negligence or poor upkeep of a facility, you should not have to pay for the consequences yourself.

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compensation. We can strategically and politely deal with the facility and various insurance companies to ensure that you get a satisfactory claim, adequate compensation for pain, suffering, and medical attention, and that you don’t have to deal with insurance companies or paperwork when you should just focus on healing.

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