They’re cool, they’re fast, they’re the symbol of rebels everywhere. Unfortunately, motorcycles can also
be a dangerous way to get around. Even if you’re the world’s best motorcycle driver, the risk remains.
There are bad drivers out there on the road – drivers who don’t watch where they’re going. Drivers who
don’t check their blind spots. Drivers who drive too fast or brake too late. Drivers who ignore the right-
of-way and drivers who don’t know to keep a safe eye out for motorcycles. On a motorcycle you are
simply harder to see. You’re also less protected than those in cars. This can create the perfect storm for
you as a motorcycle driver when an accident occurs.

Since you’re less visible and less protected, accidents can cause you more harm. Even if those accidents
are not your fault it can mean serious money, medical attention, paperwork, and more to repay you for
inconveniences resulting from a motorcycle accident. Taking care of the accident claim can be nearly a
full-time job, and the complexities may be beyond you. Don’t take any chances at not getting your claim

Cockayne Law has years of experience handling personal injury cases, and we’re well-versed in
motorcycle accidents and injuries. With knowledge of insurance companies and everything it takes to
successfully complete an insurance claim, we can make the process faster and more lucrative for you.
We’ll begin with a consultation to really listen to your case and your needs, before starting with
aggressive representation to defend your case and get you the repayment you deserve. Cockayne Law
will take care of all of your paperwork, annoying phone calls, and apply the legal pressure to get the
favorable outcome you desire.

If you drive a motorcycle, it’s a good idea to save our information in the unfortunate event that you are
involved in an accident. If you have been involved in an accident on your motorcycle – call us right away.
We can begin working to find you exactly what you need so that you can get your life back.