Auto Accident.

Auto accidents are a frequent and unfortunate part of life. As we spend so much of our time in our cars
and on the roadways, we are assuming the risk that other drivers can make poor choices and hurt us.
Good drivers take the time to obey traffic laws and to drive defensively, but we will never be able to
control other drivers. Every day there are thousands of accidents in the state of Utah – from tiny fender
benders to fatal rollover crashes. Hopefully you will never experience an accident, but if you do – it’s
time to consider an accident attorney.

Auto accidents are notorious for misplaced blame. It can be difficult to prove blame or innocence, and
even harder to get insurance companies to pay out for the accidents they are allegedly supposed to
cover. So not only are you dealing with the medical treatment and repairs following an auto accident,
but you also have to deal with a cascade of paperwork and the headache of constant insurance phone
calls. You may worry that you’re doing things wrong or that the insurance companies are not taking you
seriously. We can help with that.

Cockayne Law specializes in auto accident representation. We can represent you in court or to insurance
companies to help bolster your claim and push through any issues. Our experience ensures that tricky
wording or complicated paperwork does not get in the way of your claim or reparation. You can focus
on getting your life back in order after a small collision or scary accident – we’ll focus on accurately filing
your claim and doggedly pursuing it to a satisfactory outcome.

Call us today for a free consultation in which we listen carefully to your story and challenges. We can
offer support and give you options for a successful future. Let us help you get what you deserve.